Products and Services

Automation and Control

With the integrated use of the latest technologies we offer the best automatic operation and data control.


  • Temperature Transistor Assembling
  • Flow Transistor Assembling
  • Pressure Switch Assembling
  • Temperature Switch Assembling
  • Conduction Measurer Assembling
  • Position Sensor Assembling

Calibration and Connection

  • Temperature Transistor
  • Flow Transistor
  • Pressure Switch
  • Temperature Switch
  • Conductivity Measurer
  • Position Sensor

Control Network Configuration, Calibration and Assembling

  • Device NET
  • Control NET

HART configuration and calibration

  • Flow Transistor
  • Pressure Transistor

Calibration and Assembling of:

  • Servo Engines
  • Speed Drives


  • Control Network
  • Instruments
  • Diagrams, Pipelines and Instruments
  • PLC Programming
  • Human Machine Interface