Products and Services


This is where we provide an endless series of services, from the manufacturing of new machines to their assembling. Providing the adequate installation for it´s proper development in any specific activity or industry.


Carbon Steel Pipelines

  • Compressed Air
  • Vapor
  • Condensate Returns
  • Water
  • Natural Gas

Stainless Steel Pipelines

  • Chemical
  • Purified Water
  • Alimentary Grade Products
  • Pharmaceutical Products

Polypropylene Pipeline

  • Residual Waters
  • Tower Water

Polyethylene Pipeline, High Density

  • Acid Residues

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

  • Lay-Out
  • Pipeline Track Isometrics
  • Pipeline Calculation
  • Support Skeleton Calculation


Copper Made Pipeline

  • Transformation Manufacturing (Square and Round)
  • Duct Manufacturing
  • Diverging Valves Manufacturing
  • Cone Manufacturing


Equipment Assembling

  • Pumping Systems Assembling
  • Air Pumping Assembling
  • Dust Collector Assembling
  • Lunchbox Assembling
  • Processing Tanks Assembling
  • Pasteurization System Assembling
  • Cluster Manufacturing and Assembling
  • Feeder and Fractional Systems
  • Plate Heat Interchanger and Cast/Tube Interchanger Assembling
  • Vaporizer Assembling
  • Chilling Equipment Assembling
  • Plastic Mills Assembling